Case Study

Improving the Road to Rio

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As the host of the Games, Rio de Janeiro’s traffic and operations center worked with Waze and its Map Editor Community to prepare for one of the world’s largest traffic events.


Before the Games:

  • Rio used Waze slow-down and traffic jam alert insights to determine where three new highways were created to control Games-related traffic and reroute major roads
  • Developed an “Unusual Traffic Alert” system to update the Waze live map and input road closures
  • Map Editors updated 1,000 road segments on the map and added 44,000 places of interest

During the Games:

  • Used new API with Waze to automatically update the Waze map with road closures
  • Reported 430+ closures (~342km of roads) during the Games from 41 different neighborhoods in the city
  • 24-27% decrease in congestion during morning commute

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